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Covid-19 Our procedures for customer safety and behavioral rules

Guidelines for a peaceful and relaxing vacation!


To enhance your safety, we have made some modifications to our services and introduced new ones. We have also temporarily adjusted our business policies. We are confident that, with your cooperation, we can discover a safer and healthier vacation experience without any compromise.

Business Policies:
- Ensuring the highest quality of all our services
- Promoting the smooth operation of all our processes
- Enhancing the experience for a peaceful and safe vacation for all our guests

How Your Vacation is Changing:

Green Pass:
- Not required for those staying as per the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Prior to Arrival:
- Online check-in is mandatory to avoid gatherings.

Arrival and Check-in:
As per the Ministry of Health guidelines, wearing a mask is recommended. At the check-in, you will find the reception equipped with a transparent barrier. It is the place where you can approach our staff with peace of mind. Next to you, there will be a convenient hand sanitizer dispenser. Please use it!
- In addition to the regular check-in procedures, you will be required to sign an informed consent form and accept our regulations.

Sanitized and Secure Rooms:
- Your room undergoes thorough cleaning by our housekeeping staff as always. It is then delivered to you after a complete sanitization process using professional equipment. From this point on, you have a secure room, and our service staff can only enter wearing clean gloves and masks.

In the Treatment Department:
- Appropriate signage welcomes you and informs you about the department's rules.
- For your safety, doctors, therapists, and healthcare personnel always wear masks.
- Treatment areas, including cabins and waiting rooms, undergo professional sanitization every day during the closing hours to the public.
- All health, spa, and wellness treatments are carried out with individual access to treatment cabins.

Pool, SPA, and Gym:
- The thermal water temperature in our pools, along with the regular filtration, chlorination, and disinfection processes, makes them a safe environment.
Important: Please respect the safety distancing rules while swimming. Our staff will supervise and provide guidance.

Restaurant and Bar:

Food is cooked and/or chilled, and when fresh ingredients are used, they are always washed with food-grade disinfectants.

In Common Areas:
- Whenever weather permits, both for social moments at the bar and for sports activities, we will always prioritize the use of our gardens and spacious outdoor areas.


Dear Guests, enjoying a peaceful and safe vacation is easier than you think, but it requires your full cooperation. All Euroterme guests are required to adhere to the following rules of good conduct:


- Maintain a distance of two meters from all other guests who are not your roommates.

Personal Hygiene:

- Maintain excellent hand hygiene by washing them thoroughly and frequently with soap and water. Take advantage of the hand sanitizing dispensers you find throughout the hotel and thermal establishment. Avoid touching your face, specifically your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Personal Protective Equipment:

- Use a mask even where not mandatory... it's still a great idea.

Health Condition:

- If you experience any of the following symptoms, you must:
- Isolate yourself immediately in your room
- Discontinue any thermal or wellness treatments
- Inform the hotel reception immediately; the medical staff will provide you with immediate support. Our staff is by your side at all times to advise and protect you. Euroterme has invested heavily to ensure your maximum safety. However, we must inform you that uncooperative and harmful behavior that infringes upon the health rights of other guests and staff cannot be tolerated. Failure to comply with the simple rules of conduct described means violating the laws of the Italian State. Any violators will be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities.

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